What can XSETTE do for you?

Who uses XSETTE Technology

XSETTE Technology is a software solution for securing ALL digital content and critical infastructure. It is capable of protecting any digital file including music, movies, digital books, Office Documents, pictures, medical records, banking records, email, text and any other type of digital content. It can also protect streaming audio and video from being redirected.

Sample Problem #1

Content Requiring a username and password is not safe.

Bank Login

How would XSETTE Solve This?

Our node pairing technology ensures that login data is only applicable on the device in which it was intended. Any other device using this data would be shut out. The owner can immediately lock the account down for security. Even if a thief obtains your login credentials, they are useless on an unathorized machine.

Sample Problem #2

Movie Screeners are not safe.

Academy screeners/Movie Dalies/recordings are distributed via screeners. While currently protected with a 4-key password, they are easily hacked, stolen and distributed, costing studios millions of dollars.

Pin Play Machines Hacked

How would XSETTE Solve This?

Our Node Pairing and BMUS technology allows content to be restriced to the device in which it was intended, including DVD players, computers and mobile devices. Only preregistered devices would be allowed access any media content.

Sample Problem #3

Your Business Network is Not Secure.

networks can be hacked

How Would XSETTE Solve This?

XSETTE Technology can lock down all files and data within a network. All files, regardless of the type cannot be accessed by anyone not on an assigned machine. This includes emails, office files or information stored on an internal server.