XSETTE gives you total control of your data. That's pretty awesome.

personal information

Personal Protection

Identities, Financial Information

Digital Files

All digital files and documents

Wireless and cloud

Networks, streaming, mobile

Whether you are an individual, small business or large corporation, we have a solution for all your data protection needs. Our products and services are utilized across a wide spectrum of industries and organizations.

This is completely different

The "X" Factor in XSETTE Technology

Our unique approach protects ALL Data including email, text, credit card transactions, audio, video, pay-per view, social media, live streams and feeds. XSETTE Technology is ideal for cloud computing and mobile data.

Who is XSETTE protecting?

The Game Changer

XSETTE'S multi-platform solution changes the way data is delivered, stored and protected. This proprietary approach esnures that individuals to top-tier corporations will become significantly more secure.